|    Passion J. Ward   | 

Greetings! My name is Passion. Yep, ever since I came into the world. I think my mother knew I was going to be an artist? Maybe I was her love child conceived on a night of instense, soul shifting...passion (ba dum bum). Either way, here I am!!  haha.

Photography, oh how I love thee. You allow me to share my perspective. I enjoy capturing that unaware, vulnerable state of being. Most times you can find me, camera in hand, lurking around a corner or maybe even in uncomfortably close proximity to your face... :) But don't worry I promise to get your good angle and make you look beautiful *bats eyelashes*. 

Based in Miami, FL.

I will travel.

I will bring the sunshine.

Artistic expression knows no boundaries.

Let's work.